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New York.

This has been such a strange year–I haven’t been to California since April, and have only made it to New York in May, and again in early November. I blame the Shatz.

New York was a whirlwind tour. We had a special guest visitor, which means lots of sites to see, and lots of walkin’. I believe we clocked in at about eight miles in one day, which does seem high, but I think it was possible.

We met P. at 34th and Avenue of the Americas, also known as Herald Square, or the 18th circle of hell. Mobs of people. Hopped the subway for Dim Sum Go go and a trek across the Brooklyn Bridge on a beautiful, sunny day. It could have been dreamtown.




On Sunday we hopped a bus to the Upper West Side, and oh, surprise! It was the New York Marathon. See the bus on the giant tv screen, which was located at Columbus Circle? We’re on it. Not the tv screen. The bus. Very post-modern.


There’s more, but you have to wait.


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Thinking About.

Getting some Moo Cards. Which are super cute. They’re small. You can pick your own images. And they’re super cute. Plus, then you can get a super cute Moo Card carrying box. Plus, they’re called Moo Cards.

Or there’s vistaprint cards, which are just boring old business cards, but the stock images aren’t that bad, plus, they’re free. Mmmm. Freeeeee.

I should be weaving. Deadlines loom.

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It’s Like a Sweatshop at Chez Shatz.

Oh, just weaving up a storm over here. Burning out, actually.




Want one? Go shopping: smartymags.etsy.com

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Go here. Make me rich. It’s my new and shiny etsy shop!

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It’s like Christmas. You *think* you know what’s under the tree, and what your big present is, but you just can’t be sure, because you just don’t know what kind of sh** the Republicans are going to pull out of their hats, or how the Supreme Court is going to interfere.

But, yay. It’s so hard not to gloat.

Very disappointed in California. And still waiting on Al Franken.

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