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I love my fleece. I’m calling her Ellen, after the delightful lady who sold her to me. Total MD impulse purchase (what wasn’t, really). But only 2-1/4 pounds, so who cares? (It’s actually a half fleece.) All her fleeces were so gorgeous, and she was So Nice–dumping out any bag customers wanted to look at, on a sheet. Totally helpful and informative. I was sold.


I was totally against the whole raw fleece thing–had no interest in the preparation of it. But it’s so much fun! And I just love my combs (by Indigo Hound). I think the 2.25 #s is much more manageable. And this fleece is So Clean. It’s almost ready to go as is. So I’m probably over preparing it:

o flicking the ends to loosen them up.

o washing: two rounds in super unbelievably hot water with dishsoap.

o combing.

Look at the crimp!


MW loves Ellen too.


* G-Man says I have to blog. Yeah, whatever.


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