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Central Park Hoody

It’s done! Done! Done! So many others said, oh, it’s a quick knit. It goes so fast. And this thing just dragged on, and on. Maybe because I made the biggest size? Maybe because I made it oogles longer than the pattern called for? (cropped sweater = ick) Maybe because I picked up and knitted about 400 stitches for the button band, with a crochet hook, knitted a couple of rows of 400 stitches , decided it looked like crap, ripped, and picked up, again? I mean it. That button band took weeks. Weeks, I tell you.

So, finished, um, a while ago. But taking pics? And getting a pic of the sweater on a model? Come on. Far too much effort.


Pattern: Central Park Hoody, by Heather Lodinsky. Knitscene Fall 2006.

Yarn: Elann Peruvian Sierra Aran in Italian Plum. Um, 17 balls, ish?

Needles: US #8 Bryspun

Yarn Source: Elann

Buttons: Oh, my, yes. Tender Buttons Abalone Buttons. Yay!

Tender Buttons Buttons!


So, like some other bloggers who don’t blog as much as they would like, I think the blogging is like the finishing of the piece. The sweater, or shawl, or gloves, or hat, or yarn, is done. Stick a fork in it. I don’t want to think about said item anymore. So I really don’t want to lay out said item all pretty, and take pics, and dick around with loading, and exporting, and resizing, and writing some pithy comments, and all that crap. It’s done. It needs to go in the closet, and be done.


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Spring! Spring! Spring!

Blog? What blog. Write? Post pics? Huh? What? What time is it, anyway?

Way back on December 25 I was gifted Knitting Nature, and it is so, so delightful. I immediately had to crank this bad boy out. phyllotaxis

Phyllotaxis! Or, Sunflower Tam. So fun! So kicky! So not quite big enough, but close enough! And a hat sized object, so it got finished, and finished quickly. Yay.

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Oh, look. The sun is shining in Buffalo (aka Dreamtown, USA), and the snow has melted, leaving us with a Huge Pile of Mud in lieu of a front lawn. Oh the joy. The rapture. Thank you, thank you, National Fuel, for digging up our lawn last December. Please, oh please, you’d better do a kick ass job of reseeding.


But lo, what is this? The flamingos have reappeared! Up from the ashes of the snow pack! Yay! I love my flamingos. flamingos

And look! Isn’t it precious? A tender little bite for the bunnies. Yay!


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For those of us keeping score, this here is the mighty beginnings of the Creatures of the Reef shawl, from Fiddlesticks Knitting. Um, mightily begun probably Summer 2006. Seeings as how you begin by casting on 200 or 400 or maybe 360 stitches, the goings are mighty slow. Happily, decreases are worked alternating rows, so it does go faster as one gets chugging along. Of course, in order to be chugging along, one must have an attention span longer than a carrot’s.

Anyway. Begun last summer, using Schaefer Anne, which is technically a sock yarn, but who’s counting, in a lovely Sea-Tastic colorway. It’s actually two skeins of the sea-tastic, with one skein of a darker, indigo color mixed in.

And I pick up said shawl once every few months, when I really feel like concentrating on endless lacey repeats. Because when you start with casting on 360, or 420, or whatever, you also end up with 19 repeats. Or something like that.

Babbling, much? Anyway. Mr. Reefy Shawl is a wee bit farther along–the horseshoe and crab motif is almost complete. I guess you have to know the pattern to have any idea what that means. But, pictured is the totally awe-inspiring shell-scallop border, featuring “Purl 12 Together.” Yeah. I’m a master knitter. Except for the certificate thing.

And Central Park is all but done, sans buttons! Yay!

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Fatty Bobbin

Well, thanks to Nathan’s quick response (tweak the eye of the winder a bit), that bad boy is winding on so much more evenly, and I definitely think I’m getting my plying dollar’s worth. Now I have to consider getting more bobbins, because spinning one pound at a time of the same colorway makes for dull work. Even though the colors are so gorgeous and exciting, I do prefer to bop from one thing to the other. And it’s not like I can do my *own* spinning ever again.


So this batch (one pound American Pie) took forever and a day to spin, and I was quite discouraged. Oh, sure, the quality of the spin was excellent. But it took Forever. Much too long for my 2 pounds per week goal. But it turned out that the finished product was so fine, I ended up with over 300 yards extra. Duh. Is there no happy medium? Between crap and perfect 210 yard skeins?

And then there was New York, where I am proud to say I went to zero yarn stores. But more than made up for those lack of purchases with a huge time suck at Tender Buttons. But that is for another day.


Is it nature? Is it the wilderness? It’s Central Park, of course! All those losers at Union Square and Bloomingdale’s really ought to check out the park. No, wait. Best that they don’t.

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