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Doon Undah

Why am I dicking around on the internet when New Zealand is outside?


Manly Beach, except for the too cold to swim part, and the no bathing suit part, because when we left Sydney it was raining, and when we got to Manly it was sunny. Still so pretty, and I had total beach envy, envisioning what it will be like when it’s actually warm out. And I’m in snowy Buffalo. Sniff. Moving on.

Ferry to Manly Beach, except for the part when the stoopid camera locked up right as we passed the Opera House.

Bondi Beach. Even though Bondi technically sucks, and isn’t even pretty, I got such a kick out of seeing the Bondi Pools, which I can just barely remember from when I was 6. I so wish I could have taken a dip, but it would have been too pointless, and too darn cold.

Sydney Botanical Gardens. Birds! Crazy birds everywhere! Totally psycho monster cockatoo birds! And the bats, my god, the bats. Everywhere. Too fabulously cool.

The room that was so tiny you had to step outside to change your mind. Seriously. And sit on the toilet sideways, because it was Just. That. Small.

It feels like we’re rushing, rushing, rushing through New Zealand, or at least the North Island. We will cross from Wellington tomorrow, and I plan to meet up with Jo Reeve for a whopping 2.5 hours on the way. We won’t mention the part about G hiking across the Tongariro Crossing today–11 miles; approximately 8 hours.

We hope to do: Milford Sound; Franz Josef Glacier; and of course Ashford Spinning Wheel Factory. Yee-haw!

Off to drive around Tongariro National Park, home of Mount Doom. That would be the biggest difference I’ve noted so far, since my 1991 visits: that everything references Lord of the Rings. Look! It’s the restaurant that Gandalf ate at while filming!


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