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Fleece Washage

Ok. That was a really lame title for the last post. I’ll try to make up for it.

There’s been some fleece washage at Chez Slothage. The first time I washed a batch, I used a shower scrubby chopped into manageable pieces, stuffed each with fleece, tossed in the washing machine, etc. Results were pretty good.

Second time I washed a batch, I tried using screen door material, to make a large fleece washing pouch. Tossed in washing machine, etc. The problem with this method was the pouch acted as a giant fleece bag, and it all bunched together, and meshed together, and felted a wee bit. Not wrecked, but not great.

Third time was a variation on the Yarn Harlot’s Fleece Burrito Method.

Locks Box

First is the flicking of the locks, using a flick carder, to open them up. I’d say these have been over-flicked, and have lost their crimp. And I’m wondering if that is what caused the slight matting and feltage in my end result. Or maybe my slight matting and feltage in the end result is just the way it goes.

See? Very little lock structure/crimp left.

Next we have the packing of the Fleece Burrito. A large piece of door screening stuff, stapled into pouch form, containing two orderly rows of locks. The pouch will fold in half, forming the burrito shape.

And here is the Burrito, folded onto itself, submerged in a lukewarm water soak. This was snapped upon immediate submersion. All the ick floated out immediately. It wasn’t like it was soaking and all this crap worked its way out. The crap just flew out of there.

Mmmm! Yummy fleece water!!

In sum, I’d say I plunged into hot water too soon, resulting in some matting. More on this later. I hope.

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I’m eating better. I’m exercising more. I feel like crap. I could eat even better. I could exercise more. But last night I had Dairy Queen (I blame the G-man for introducing me to the frozen novelty crack–there was no DQ in San Francisco). Anyway, ate the fatty treat last night, and feel better today than the past two (“Healthy”) days. So, whatever.



Crown Mountain Farms (what else?); colorway I Got You Babe. The whole time I was spinning I was thinking camouflage. Can you see me? Can you see me? Not sure what the future of CMF spinning is–Teyani has smooshed her hand real good (what a huge bundle of suck!), and can’t do any dying.




Fishies! Would you look at that huge honking amount of progress! It’s almost a sweater! Or at least, it’s certainly a tube. And it even sort of fits. I was concerned about my fatness, but I think this will actually cover my body in a not obscene manner. It’s just amazing the amount of progress one makes when one works exclusively (mostly) on one project. Hooray for me!

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