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This is all two pounds of Fritz, purchased at Hemlock. Need I point out that Fritz is a boy? And he smells? Even after three dips in the dawn detergent? Bother.

And I did all the right things. Broke up his locks and kept the formation, laid them out in tulle layers inside a lingerie bag, washed in really hot water, apparently which was not not enough.

Click for big and check out all that crazy crimpiness. When the locks came out, I thought they had shrunk. But they just puffed in. Like little clouds. Smelly little clouds.

Well, that’s why I started with only two ounces. Perhaps this batch will see a trip to the washing machine.


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Now I ask you, Why would anyone knit a pair of socks? I am a sock tramp. Because after a trip to the Embraceable Ewe, I just had to start a new one. Oops! That green one has been single for over a year, and even went to New Zealand. World Traveler.

Single socks. Perhaps they should try internet dating? Funny every time.

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OHS Homework — Blending

In which we learn that brown + red does not equal gross.

The two colors, carded on a drum carder, then rolled off on a chopstick into small, tasteful rolags:

And after three passes through hand cards:

Really. Who knew that such an even blend could be achieved on hand cards? I had no idea. My only problem is that I do not care to spin rolags, because my joins always suck.

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Question: How are the Shittens?

Answer: They’re not shittens anymore. They’re Shats.

And their eyes will burn a hole through you if you look at them directly.

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