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I went from this:


to this:


Kill me now. However, Heidi turned me onto a new, fabulous timesuck: Mahjong! Clickers Beware!


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‘Nuff said.

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Big Easy Update

The Big Easy Gansey is having a time-out, thinking about what it’s done.

Besides, I had to crank out that fabulous felted tote.

And, as Linda C. says, “You split for the sleeves and you lose interest.”


Actually, I had to stop and think about the length. The pattern isn’t written all that greatly, I am sad to report: regardless of the size you make (small or extra-large), the overall total length is constant. So, if you want a longer torso, or longer sleeve holes, you have to think about pattern placement of the tree. I did add an extra repeat of the diamonds, so hopefully it will work out.

Besides, spring is almost here. Who’s an optimist?

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No, it really is a big deal. Maybe this time I will learn my lesson: that knitting the second sock a year after the first really doesn’t work out. I have no idea what I did the first time around; the least I could do is make notes. So my heels are slightly off; and they’re slightly different sizes, which totally bugs, but, say it with me now: whatever.


And why is one sock out of focus? Sometimes I trick myself into believing I take half-way decent digi-pics, and then this happens.

Yarn: Trekking XXL, color #100.

Pattern: Wendy’s Toe Up with a Heel Gusset. Watch out, it’s a pdf.

Needles: #1 Addis. Oh, my addis are getting so very, very tired.

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Fair Isle Tote

Cranked this bad boy pretty fast. Cast on Thursday night; finished Monday. Size 15’s really do move pretty fast. And I had a gift certificate for the yarn, so it was like a free bag. Yay!


The Cooking Light is for scale. A gift from the Mom. She’s so subtle. Don’t care for the magazine all that much, it’s all too complicated. I want to throw it in the pot and be done.

Pattern: Cabin Fever Fairisle Tote #712.

Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Bulky. Three skeins Ocean Waves; two skeins Sunburst Gold.

Needles: Size 15.

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