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Googly Eyes

Even Colbert is crafty. Googly eyed clams. Snerk.


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I actually managed a little spinning. For some reason I lost my spinning mojo at the end of the year. Burnout, maybe? Or just obsessed with new things? Looming looms, for instance?

Anyway, trying some small manageable fibery bits, such as this 3.5 ounce blue faced leicester (allegedly, but I’m not sure) from Maryland two years ago. I also bought two pounds of nasty, evil, but very pretty green/purple/pink border leicester. But knowing nothing at the time, didn’t realize its colory goodness wouldn’t make up for its scratchy scratchiness.



Spun into a three ply (my first!). You’ll have to wait for finished photo. It’s still drying. And what ever shall I do with it? It’s about 133 yards.

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Well, this is what I’ve been up to. I was thinking that I have so many cross-stitch kits that I really could stitch them until I die and still not be done. But then I thought if I could do one a year (which is way too optimistic a goal), I might get them done. But then I thought, there are only like five really huge honking kits–if I could do one every five years … Or perhaps I should consider ebay.


This is almost a half, so it’s sort of getting there. You can’t see her yet, but there’s a girl in a lovely pink dress, and a cat playing with yarn, and a boy at the window, and a great big sailing boat in the background. I love how there’s a whole story in it. Danish (Eva Rosenstand), of course.

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Two Things.

 Two of the G-Man’s projects, which everyone should take part of:

Dreamtown USA


Ok. Just go read about Dreamtown. But you people should all sign up for Blitzes. (Not blintzes. Sorry.)  Be on the lookout for a knitting blitz. Or a napping blitz. Come on! It will be fun!

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A while ago Mrs. Crafty blogged about her new super clever n’ crafty method of making tea cozies out of old sweaters. Well imagine my surprise when she gifted me the very same cozy! I was so touched. How nice to have such nice friends. I’ve never had a tea cozy before. I could just tear up right now. Excuse me. Must go cry now.


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The Great Warping Disaster.

 But really, it all comes out all right in the end.


Lucky thing my first attempt at weaving on the giant Kyra was something narrow, and crappy. No, no. The finished product isn’t crappy, and yes, the colors are Fabulous, but it is only crappy chenille. It took three, count ‘em, three days to warp that bad boy. G-Man kept asking if the loom was broken. No, no. Just user error. I do wish I had documented the mess with digipics. Because it was quite the mess. A gnarled, tangled, mess. It was not pretty. And don’t ask me what I did, or didn’t do, or did wrong. I have no idea. Obviously I did everything wrong, warping-wise. But no one will believe me, because the finished scarf is really not bad at all. Just needs some fringe action.

Seriously. I could not get the warp threads onto the loom. We warped at the store, so I had an idea what the object of the game was, and I kept referring to my book, but it just didn’t work. And just got more and more messy. Lucky that the chenille was slippery, and didn’t actually knot up. So, no more warping for me until I’ve done another one at the store.

Classic warping exchange:

G-Man: Could you have made that on your little loom [the rigid heddle]?

Me: Shut up. Just shut up.

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Sydney Day 1

Oh yeah, there was that trip.

We flew from San Francisco to Aukland, New Zealand, arriving about 530am. Then to Sydney, arriving about 10am. So, on very little sleep, we headed out to see the sights.


This lovely fountain was just up the street from our hotel in King’s Cross. I can’t believe Buffalo isn’t one of the signs.


And we headed off, promptly in the wrong direction, on a quest for the Opera House. It was all that harbor coastline (15 miles) that threw me off.

On the way there were Ugly Birds:


There were ginourmous chess games in Hyde Park:


There was the Harbor Bridge:

harbor bridge

Really, Sydney seems to have two things going for it, the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. So, tick one of the list. Kind of an overcast day, as you can see.

Finally, the object of our Quest:

Opera House

Almost a wee bit disappointing. It seemed sort of … dirty. And I thought it was covered with some protective netting, but that’s actually the design.

So we tramped through the Botanical Gardens, which are really nice, and packed with exciting birds (exciting bird = not sparrow).

There were the elusive Milkshake Drinking Birds:

Milkshake Bird

There were Baby Milkshake Birds, with Really Big Feet:

Baby Bird

We saw nests chock full of Ugly Birds. Really, the ugly birds were everywhere in the city.

nests of ugly birds

We looked up and there were super colorful parrots:

Edited to add: Holy cow it’s snowing sideways and the cat is outside. Blogging is a timesuck.

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