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May 2009: Road Trip to Woodstock, CT.

In which I discovered that my Grandmother, the only grandparent I knew, had a little of the crafty going. Apparently I inherited my crazy-ass color sense from her. Or lack of.

I know! It hurts the eyes.

Promptly upon returning from said incident free road trip, in which there was lots of driving, which is why it was a road trip, my poor little car was creamed by a City of Buffalo garbage truck. While it was parked. Motherfuckers. God that was annoying.

And then there were …


And that just about killed June.

There seems to have been some intent to weave and knit:

Chubs relaxing on the Feather n’ Fan Comfort Shawl, of handspun wool/mohair, navajo plied. It’s in a bag somewhere. Languishing. Unfinished. It’s going to be a large and lovely shawl, but I hates me the feather and fan. And on the loom is some extremely crappy yet strangely attractive acrylic crap. Still awaiting a fringe.


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How Easy is the Rigid Heddle?

Tuesday wound the warp.
Wednesday tied it on.
Thursday wove it.
Friday fringed and washed.

I heart the rigid heddle.


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It’s Like a Sweatshop at Chez Shatz.

Oh, just weaving up a storm over here. Burning out, actually.




Want one? Go shopping: smartymags.etsy.com

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Go here. Make me rich. It’s my new and shiny etsy shop!

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Fun Game:

What have you crafted in the past 24 hours?

I beamed a warp, with the help of Phyllis.

I finished another rigid heddle scarf.

I knitted on some sleeves.

Pics to come.

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Dishtowels from Hell, that is. $1500 dishtowels. Well, actually, since there are three on the loom, I guess they’re only $500 a pop.

400. Ends. Of sticky 8/2 cotton. Brilliant.


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The Great Warping Disaster.

 But really, it all comes out all right in the end.


Lucky thing my first attempt at weaving on the giant Kyra was something narrow, and crappy. No, no. The finished product isn’t crappy, and yes, the colors are Fabulous, but it is only crappy chenille. It took three, count ‘em, three days to warp that bad boy. G-Man kept asking if the loom was broken. No, no. Just user error. I do wish I had documented the mess with digipics. Because it was quite the mess. A gnarled, tangled, mess. It was not pretty. And don’t ask me what I did, or didn’t do, or did wrong. I have no idea. Obviously I did everything wrong, warping-wise. But no one will believe me, because the finished scarf is really not bad at all. Just needs some fringe action.

Seriously. I could not get the warp threads onto the loom. We warped at the store, so I had an idea what the object of the game was, and I kept referring to my book, but it just didn’t work. And just got more and more messy. Lucky that the chenille was slippery, and didn’t actually knot up. So, no more warping for me until I’ve done another one at the store.

Classic warping exchange:

G-Man: Could you have made that on your little loom [the rigid heddle]?

Me: Shut up. Just shut up.

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