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Fun Game:

What have you crafted in the past 24 hours?

I beamed a warp, with the help of Phyllis.

I finished another rigid heddle scarf.

I knitted on some sleeves.

Pics to come.


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Here is Omar immediately after his traumatic rescue, two weeks ago. Wow. Two weeks ago. And he still hisses at me every time I approach. It’s that street cred. Well, he was so kitty-exhausted after being on the street, or at least in the neighbors’ bushes, from Monday to Saturday night, that he forgot about his street cred and actually sat in the basket like a cute little kitten. But how pissed off does he look? That kitten hates me.

He’s so small! And so thin! And so pointy! He had been bigger than the Little Girl (maybe her name is Izzy?), but then she was bigger than him. Now he’s finally being less pointy and filling out a tiny bit. I think he might be a big cat. He does the cutest thing with his long skinny legs stretched out in front of him.

A few days later:

Now, we have a crate. Which means, no escape from the mean lady who wants to pet them. They must deal with us if they want their food. Whaaa-hahahah-ha.

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Funny Story.

Yeah. So, as it turns out? Little Girl never went out the window. She was under the futon until 0300 (3am) Friday morning. I just happened to go into the library to get a book, as I was not sleeping, all wound up from the Omar sighting, and she flew across the room, back under the futon.

I just can’t imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t gone in there. Um, thank goodness for insomnia? I had taken the water out a day or two before, and taken the litter box out as well. I’m not sure when I intended to finish the clean up in there–it might have been days more.

Just for the record: I did see Omar go out the window, and just assumed the Little Girl had gone first. Never occurred to me to look under the futon.

So Friday and Saturday nights Little Girl went into the carrier, adjacent to the trap, coated in tuna fish (the trap, not Little Girl), and Saturday we got Omar back. Thinner and more skittish, but back.


Pics of the furry bedroom slippers tomorrow.

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For those of you keeping score, and tracking my emotional roller coaster, we had an Omar sighting (actually two) this evening. So food is put out, but the trap is not set.

So, Omar and the Little Girl escaped Monday morning. Omar was sighted Monday evening, might have eaten Tuesday evening, and spotted again tonight, Thursday.


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By Popular Demand.

Mullen Sisters School of Dance (75th Anniversary).

This was the funnest dance we’ve done. I think this was my fourth performance. The music was “I’ve Got Rhythm” from Crazy for You. And it was fast. So that probably added to the fun factor–it went so fast that if you missed steps it just didn’t matter all that much.

As for my performance: I didn’t choke and no major f***-ups. Really, that’s all I can ask for. As always, it could have been better, and, as always, it could have been worse.

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Kitten Update.

Well, I was hoping to to be giving daily kitten updates, but the past week has just been a killer. My work schedule was all crazy all over the place–actually, I had a chunk of time off, pre-kittens, but then had to work several whole days. Plus there was the dance recital and rehearsal. And the whole 50 mile deadline thing. So Friday and Saturday I got no miles in, and had to do them all Sunday and mostly Monday. Anyway. So, too wrecked to write kitteny updates.


We are making much kitten progress. I keep rotating names, but today the names are Omar (because he’s got street cred), and Lady Bird, because she flew around the bathroom when she first came out of the box, and now she’s all dainty and delicate. The names will probably change tomorrow.

So, where we are now. The girl came home exactly a week ago, in the late afternoon (seven days). The boy came home on Friday, late, so  this will be the fifth day.

o They hiss at me when I first approach them.


o Both will come on my lap to eat.

o They will eat from my finger.

o They are grooming themselves.

o Yesterday they played with each other a little bit.

o Yesterday Omar played with a new string toy. Lady Bird didn’t know what to make of it. Or, I should say she plays like Miss Whiskers, just touches the thing and holds on.

o Everybody is using the litter box. Yay.

o I can pet them while they eat.

o I can touch them without food, but they’d prefer I not do that.

o I can get my hand under their tummies, and push them around a little. They leave the food, but come right back.

o Miss Whiskers was permitted in the bathroom, and hissed at the girl, but then didn’t really care. She seems not to notice the invasion of the bathroom.

o Mostly, the kittens are acting like kittens, and don’t cower nearly as much. They sit in their little box relaxed, with their little hands tucked underneath them, or sleep in a normal cat position. Lady Bird is looking not scruffy at all, and her fur looks really good. Omar still looks skinny, and seems to have really long legs.

So, this is going surprisingly well. I’m hoping maybe next week to move them into the spare bedroom. Yesterday I had to sit in the bathtub to give them room enough to play. Omar was going to town with the string toy, and actually seemed to forget that I was there. He came really close to the bathtub, and when he looked up and saw me gave a big hiss.

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