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It was suggested that I might blog. A good idea, but I find blogging so annoyingly frustrated that now I am just annoyed. Anyway.

Spring in New York. I blinked and it was over. I don’t even have any flowers put in.

There’s all kinds of crazy architecture everywhere. I tell anyone who visits: “Look Up!” Or you’ll miss it. This is some whacked out door arch head thing on the upper west side.

And Coney Island on Easter Sunday. We rode the cyclone!


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Inspired by Heidi and her one object in 30 days project, I was entrusted with the care of Becky’s Chick. We were off for some fun in the Big City!

Here we go!


At first we thought The Chick would have to fly steerage as we were too cheap (get it?) to pony up for a seat assignment.


However, we managed to get all strapped in before takeoff.


Reviewing the Safety Information Card because really, you never know when you might end up ditching in the Hudson.


What is Captain Sulley’s favorite drink?

Two shots of Grey Goose and a splash of water.

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New York.

This has been such a strange year–I haven’t been to California since April, and have only made it to New York in May, and again in early November. I blame the Shatz.

New York was a whirlwind tour. We had a special guest visitor, which means lots of sites to see, and lots of walkin’. I believe we clocked in at about eight miles in one day, which does seem high, but I think it was possible.

We met P. at 34th and Avenue of the Americas, also known as Herald Square, or the 18th circle of hell. Mobs of people. Hopped the subway for Dim Sum Go go and a trek across the Brooklyn Bridge on a beautiful, sunny day. It could have been dreamtown.




On Sunday we hopped a bus to the Upper West Side, and oh, surprise! It was the New York Marathon. See the bus on the giant tv screen, which was located at Columbus Circle? We’re on it. Not the tv screen. The bus. Very post-modern.


There’s more, but you have to wait.

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Miss Me?

Did anyone notice that Saturday was World Wide Knit in Public Day? I don’t think much was happening in Buffalo. I was going to swing by the NYC Knitters’ get together in Central Park, after our lovely afternoon at the theater, but this happened:

It rained. A lot. This was outside Knitty City, with the G-Man in tow, and I had already been there the day before, so was not much interested in looking at the yarn. Again. It’s not so much fun looking at the shiny things when you’re on a yarn moratorium. But I did pick up Stahman’s Shawls and Scarves, which I’ve been lusting after for ever so long. I thought it was out of print. I was wrong.

Anyway, much rain. But Central Park is pretty after a rain. Actually, Central Park is pretty anyway.

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o BAT/KAT: One ride out of three, and we’re blaming the return of the Arctic Hellscape for that. It’s tricky to ride when you have to wear long underwear under your jeans and fleecy, and top it off with a shawl and down vest.  

o However, down here in the Big City, we walk or subway everywhere. Today we’re walking crosstown to see Chicago (oh, be still my gay man’s heart in a woman’s body). Then to RCS computer store to return an un-needed  cable, then hopefully to Kami Sushi, which we love almost as much as Dim Sum Go Go, which was yesterday’s culinary treat. 

o Knitting on some opal socks with some crazy rainbow colors, puchased in NZ. And jonesing for some Socks that Rock Fire on the Mountain, which would just be wrong at this point. Tempted to do the summer of socks, just because it’s such a cute button, but I do fear commitment, and there’s no way I’d do all socks all the time. Must knit silky wool …

o But, there is a contest for vacation photo of a sock, and I bet I could get some cute sock digi pics in the Big City. 

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Sydney Day 1

Oh yeah, there was that trip.

We flew from San Francisco to Aukland, New Zealand, arriving about 530am. Then to Sydney, arriving about 10am. So, on very little sleep, we headed out to see the sights.


This lovely fountain was just up the street from our hotel in King’s Cross. I can’t believe Buffalo isn’t one of the signs.


And we headed off, promptly in the wrong direction, on a quest for the Opera House. It was all that harbor coastline (15 miles) that threw me off.

On the way there were Ugly Birds:


There were ginourmous chess games in Hyde Park:


There was the Harbor Bridge:

harbor bridge

Really, Sydney seems to have two things going for it, the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. So, tick one of the list. Kind of an overcast day, as you can see.

Finally, the object of our Quest:

Opera House

Almost a wee bit disappointing. It seemed sort of … dirty. And I thought it was covered with some protective netting, but that’s actually the design.

So we tramped through the Botanical Gardens, which are really nice, and packed with exciting birds (exciting bird = not sparrow).

There were the elusive Milkshake Drinking Birds:

Milkshake Bird

There were Baby Milkshake Birds, with Really Big Feet:

Baby Bird

We saw nests chock full of Ugly Birds. Really, the ugly birds were everywhere in the city.

nests of ugly birds

We looked up and there were super colorful parrots:

Edited to add: Holy cow it’s snowing sideways and the cat is outside. Blogging is a timesuck.

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I am so cool.


Please note that that’s a Pitts, and that Pitts is located in New Zealand. Whoot!

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