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Things have been very busy here at Chez Too-Many-Cats, wouldn’t you like one or two? Fiber festivals, picking up lots of work hours, weaving till all hours …

But tomorrow I will start my new Volunteer Opportunity at Operation Pets, the low-cost spay/neuter clinic for Western New York. (PETS actually stands for something: Providing Education and Targeted Sterilization, which I think is kind of clever.) I’ve long spoken of volunteering, and making myself useful, and now I put my money, or at least my time, where my mouth is.

And later in the week I will start a real schedule at the most darling gift shop ever: Kissel Country Tin, “Gifts for the Nest.” Not high-paying, but the people are lovely.


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I’m a Weaving Machine.

Well, last week, perhaps the week before, I did wind a warp on my warping board. Ten or so yards, maybe twelve, of Zephyr wool/silk. For some twill block scarves.

black warp

Sadly, I’ve not gotten to get the warp onto the Monster Loom, as it is still occupied with my “Spring Time Scarves,” Atwater-Bronson lace, of bamboo, at no less than thirty ends per inch. Although I think it takes me about twenty minutes to do a repeat, and there’s about sixteen repeats, so really, those bad boys should be done. Maybe tomorrow.

The first is this lavender (“crocus”) and the second, which is in the works, is green (“snow pea”).


And I just tried to upload from flickr, to no avail.

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How Easy is the Rigid Heddle?

Tuesday wound the warp.
Wednesday tied it on.
Thursday wove it.
Friday fringed and washed.

I heart the rigid heddle.


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