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Unfinished Beasts

The lovely SF ladies over at Stash and Burn have prompted me to think about all the … things … laying around … damn you, Denise and Knitpicks Needles, for making it so easy to put a project on hold!

1. Lily Chin crocheted shawl; size I hook; hand dyed cottony stuff from Linda at Raveloe.

2. Eunny Jang Print o’ the Wave; size 4; Sea Silk in Nova Scotia.

3. Elann Flower Shawl Thing; size 9; Pure Alpaca in Aubergine.

4. Manly Socks; size 1; Toe-Up, Brown stripey yarn.

5. Do single socks count? 1 Jaywalker. 1 Sassy Stripe Lorna’s Laces. 1 Koigu toe-up. 1 Handspun Midnight Hour.

6. Cotton scarf; one skein of, um, cotton.

7. All Ruffled Up Scarf; size 7; nature wool lavenders.

8. ChicKnits Chic Cami; size 6; lion brand cotton.

9. Manos del Uruguay Horizontal Tweed scarf.

10. Seraphim; size 7; handspun single turquoise wool/silk.

11. Good heavens, I almost forgot. Creatures of the Reef; size 6; Schaeffer Anne sock yarn.

12. Another partial sock in Schaeffer Anne.

13. Another partial; Lorna’s Laces Gold Hill, size 0. Duh.

14. Dogs Steal Yarn Baby Yoda Jacket. It should just be ripped out, replaced by …

15. Baby Surprise Jacket; size 7 of something that stripes.

16. Hideous Entrelac Tote that needs to be finished and felted and gotten out of the house.

17. Cotton Rib Sweater from Sally Melville Purl Style.

18. Oh, Oh, Oh. Fiber Fish Mittens! In silk garden lite; size 1; and so very, very cute.

19. Side to side garter stitch gloves from Spin Off Magazine.

20. Colinette Absolutely Fabulous throw in Antique.

21. Colinette Ab Fab Wrap in Wine colors.

22. Fluffy Mitts in some novelty crap. But it’s fluffy.

23. Manly Mitts, with thumb; size 7; Kureyon.

Is that really all there is? I thought there were so many more. Wait. Now I remember. That little, crappy sidebar square of “on the needles” helps, too.

24. Giant stripey pink sweater; size 8; Plymouth Encore pink stripes.

25. Argosy scarf; size 7; silk garden lite.

26. Fiber Trends Landscape Shawl; size 11; Plymouth Outback Mohair … pinkish.


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It’s Print o’ the Wave!

It’s Sea Silk! Colorway “Nova Scotia.” I think at least. There’s not actually a name on the label. And it doesn’t smell. Which is a little disappointing. And an invisible crochet cast on. Yay!

print o’ the wave

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Spring Green-ness

Because it sure isn’t springy on the outside … Green delight brought to you from Teyani at Crown Mountain Farms.


Green singles action photo–Dad’s super duper homemade lazy Kate.


Eight ounces, plyed on the jumbo plyer. Ready for skeining.

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Sweet, Sweet Victory.


Want some? Crown Mountain Farms.

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Fleece Study

Oh, yeah. The fleece study. This time I did some careful preparation. Before washing I fluffed up the bits of fleece, and picked out as much crap (vm) as I could.

Washing was done in the machine–so much better than by hand in the sink. Each sample went into its little shower mesh bag, and then about six of them went into the machine, which was full of hot water and some healthy squirts of dishwashing liquid. (Dawn blue–they wash oily wildlife with it, so it should be good for filthy fleece. No?) No agitation, except with a wooden spoon. So, the washing machine just works as a big tub.

Baggies of nasty, dirty mini fleeces. Each one weighs in at one ounce, but after washing and de-nastifying, they are much lighter. (Must remember to weigh finished product.)


Fresh out of the baggie, it’s an almost solid mini brick of fiber.

packed border leicester

Fluffed n’ picked, but not washed. Look at that expansion!

Fluffed and picked

And some well defined locks. This batch was the “longs.”


Hopefully, better details to be filled in later.

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Flashback to Cross stitch!

That’s counted, baby. None of that namby-pamby stamped crap.


Oh, those were the days. Of small, manageable crafts. Of crafts that didn’t take up an entire room of storage. This, from the now defunct Danish Eva Rosenstand.  Kits can still be found on occasion on ebay, and I did stock up on a few when I heard the company was disappearing. Great. Big. Exquisite. Cross stitch kits.

It all started when we visited Denmark when I was 15 …

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