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An Assortment of Bags

Basic Black Bag:

Basic Brown Bag:

Adorable Business Card Holder. Or whatever:

Nantastic Basket:

Adorable Coin Purse:

Stripey Noro Bag:


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Flowery Sweater

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Oh, and some weaving, too.

Shawl is now off the loom, and half fringed. One of these days …

Oh, how could I forget. Basketweaving! I always knew that English degree would work out for me:

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We have a Clapotis done for Have Ewe Any Wool, in Schaeffer:

We have a monster sock, the “Columbine Peak” pattern, from Socks Soar on Two Needles. 72 stitches on a size three makes for a big honking sock. Please note we only have one sock.

We have a lovely start to a cable for the Big Sak Sweater:

And finally, a bracelet. Still working on the clasp action.

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And there’s been spinning.

My first spin. It’s since been plyed, and washed, and skeined, and now it sits over the fireplace awaiting its destiny.

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Oh, there’s been crafting.

Well, first, and probably most importantly, the Wheel arrived. Of course it arrived the day after I left for NY. Luckily I called Raveloe on Saturday, and the poor G-Man got dragged to the happy fiber store. Presenting:

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