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Miss Whiskers’ New Toy

Lookie! Lookie! It’s an 8-Harness 45″ Kyra Floor Loom! Hooray!


Isn’t she a beauty?


She’s heddle-tastic!


It zigs! It zags! It’s treadling magic!



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New Years’ Resolutions? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

o Blog. duh.

o Exercise. duh.

o Cook more meals.

o Drink tea! Out of my teapot!

o Which goes with: Read more. My mom read 29 books this year (I’m so proud), and I’m pretty sure that’s more than I read.

o Which goes with: Write more. Note the books. Journal. Letters. Blog. (Duh.)

o And maybe try to be more focussed on my crafty bits. Like finish something, occasionally. Before starting something else.

I’m sure there’s much else, but that’s enough for now.

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A Spot of Blog

Saturday last myself and two lovely ladies from the spinning/fleecey group trekked to Daft Dames, aka House of Cone Yarn. I was quite restrained and only bought a mess of bobbins, because my color sampler kit recommends having 18 bobbins on hand, and one pound of a reddy orangey flake cotton to try my hand at some placemats. Oh, and a some yellow chennille to go with some fabulous multi-colored mystery yarn. To try some log cabining. Anyway. Totally restrained.

And then we had tea (Tea!) at Phyllis’ house (again, with that apostrophe placement). And it was so charming! We had tea in a teapot, with a handspun, knitted tea cozy, and little cups and saucers. So charming! I was so enamored of this concept of sitting down, and slowing down, and just drinking some tea out of a little cup with a saucer, that I had to race out to Marshall’s and get me my own teapot and teacup. I actually wanted the fancy-schmancy china rose teapot I had seen a few weeks ago, but Marshall’s was simply decimated, but they did have this lovely, and moderately priced, yellow number:


Precious! How precious!

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A Picker Upper

On this sort of sad day … tigers … former prime ministers … here’s my mom’s favorite commercial, resulting in all variations of “Push it. Push it real good.”

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Getting Ready …

In honor of all those people who want to see some blogging action … two things, on the way home, at Wegman’s.

1. I had a huge boatload of stuff, including the Christmas Ham, in my cart at the checkout, and the dude behind me had exactly one package of bologna. So I let him go ahead of me. He was appreciative, and even kept saying, “Thanks, Mate, the bologna is for my mom.” as if we were in Australia or as if I was a man. Whatever. Rolling out to my car, I passed him and his buddy in their van, where the entrepid pair were dumping trash out of their van, into the parking lot. Nice. I’m also pretty sure they were stoned out of their young minds, and the bologna was not “for mom,” but for their munchies. Whatever.

2.  Wegman’s sells organic stuff. I like the organic stuff. Wegman’s sells two red or two green organic bell peppers for $5.99. For the two of them. Which is a bit steep. But hey, it’s organic. But I passed. Why? Not because of the pricey-pricey. Because they were packaged in styrofoam. Asshats.

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I am so cool.


Please note that that’s a Pitts, and that Pitts is located in New Zealand. Whoot!

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Should I make the poncho, or the vest? The colorway is Plum. Help!


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