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And if I post tomorrow, it would be blogging twice monthly? As in the classic refrigerator cartoon: “Lost our motivation. Everything must go.”

So even though I don’t write, I certainly am craftily motivated. I’m even trying to focus on one thing:

Print o’ the Wave

See? Print o’ the Wave. I think I’ve got about half the repeats done. I’m pussing out, and not doing the Badge of Honor, knit it in two pieces and seam it up the middle thing. Just Can’t. Be. Bothered. Ann from Mason Dixon Knitting made one, and made some really excellent notes, and stated she thought it’s beautiful enough in one long piece (with border), without the seaming business. (Look at that. What a thoughtful and careful blogger I am. Links and everything!)

And on my trip, I scored a *third* skein of the sea silk (colorway Nova Scotia). I did lots of math re: the body v. the border–I think I want to do more than the 34 repeats the pattern calls for, so I actually mathed out the number of stitches which might be in the body, and the number of stitches that might be in the border, so as to find out: if I used one skein for the body, would one skein be enough for the border? It was too close to call. Another skein was called for, to alleviate the constant angst each and every time I touched the needles. (Would it be enough? I should get more. What if it isn’t enough? I thought knitting was supposed to be relaxing.) Hooray for Knitty City! I think, one of the best yarn stores in NYC.

Well, I lie. Of course I’m working on a few things. But a few is less than twenty. Am I right? I’m delving deep into the cross stitch thing. The ten pounds of spinning fried the spinning part of my brain, especially the part where I’d get it all plied up and skeined off, and be short. My allegedly fine yarn would actually be fatter than supposed to be. Coupled with the “enough yarn” angst of the lace (see above), and socks that are a smidge too tight, it seems time to work on that which requires filling in tiny x’s on a canvas. None of this “enough yarn” “right size” bullshit.

And spinning, for myself, which is oh, so exciting. Wool/mohair from last year’s MDSW. Just gorgeous orange/yellow/green/purple. I’m not going to mention the tiny little black eggy-looking things in the fiber. They’ve been there for about a year. Surely they can’t hatch into anything that will eat other fiber. Maybe they’re seeds. But they seem like eggs. Or bug poop. Ick.

You got fancy links. For what would you want photos? Maybe tomorrow. Twice monthly, remember? Snerk.


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