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Xmas in New York

Rockefeller Center. Not the best place to ice skate.

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That’s what it is. Outside. Three. Mmm. Frigid.

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Waiting for the Snow …

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I’ve got nothing.

Well, that was a pretty weak post, yesterday. But there aren’t enough words around here, so I felt obligated to put some up. Even though I’ve got nothing.

Had a pretty snow last night–a few inches, but enough to refresh things. Also enough to warrant shovelling, before the ice forms. I neglected to shovel last week, when there was only a teeny-tiny bit of snow, and the driveway became a stupid, slippery ice floe anyway. So that can be today’s exercise–moving the white stuff.

The G-Man did buy an enormous super-snowblower yesterday (that’s the professional model, baby), to be delivered Wednesday, and apparently I’ll have the honor of breaking it in, as snowy events warrant. I think it’s the first extravagant thing I’ve ever seen him purchase, besides all the stuff he gets me. Speaking of extravagant, I know it’s so very, very wrong, but I wouldn’t mind one of these bad boys under the tree this year.

Craft-wise it’s all about crafty xmas treats, so no pics. But they’re coming along, and then it will be back to me! me! me! I’m totally burnt working on only a few things. Prefer to jump from one thing to another. Short attention span knitting, natch.

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So, in an effort to confront and embrace, without fear, the frozen arctic hellscape, we left the house today. We being the G-Man and I. Headed to the Elmwood Strip, to see Spinning Lady’s felted pieces on display at the Bryant Street Gallery. Walked around, and was reminded that there are nice shops and nice restaurants to be found.

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