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Just a Few Things.

I’m a bad, slothy blogger.

Claudia’s got this great bike thing going: BAT/KAT: ride yer bike instead of driving! Duh. What a concept. I have been trying to ride the bike to the shop–some days it’s dicey–they call for rain, or there’s just a load of crap to schlepp. Like a spinning wheel. Regardless of the backpack spinning wheel bag, it’s not going to happen. Buffalo biking is dangerous enough. So, for last week, one bike ride out of four. At least I tried.

I’m obsessed, obsessed with the Starfish Shawl. If I could be bothered to fetch my camera, I’d post a digipic. The silky wool is the Best Yarn Ever, and I’m already thinking of the Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty with my excess silky wool. It’s even fun to say. Siiiilllllllky Woooooooool.

The Flax Barn Sale. Boy, that was something. I was out of the house at 0615. And it was a fun road trip, and I got a boat-load of kicky outfits. And at the end of the day? I could blow black stuff out of my nose. Good times.

The Jason Collingwood Rug Workshop. Was a hoot. Three days of workshop, working with different patterns and techniques. More later.


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A Failed Swatch.

Becky has tempted me with Honeycomb. So after hours of agonizing over color and monitor colors and what does this shade of purple really look like? I ordered up some Silky Wool in Deep Purple, #22. And it is oh, so lovely, and oh, so dark. And I was good–I even swatched. In pattern. And I came up with a barely visible pattern in the purple darkness.

Well, you can see the honeycomb, sort of, but this is not an accurate color capture. The pattern is easy–a twelve row repeat, but two of those rows are tiny cables, and seeing’s as how the piece is done on #4’s, it is a chunk of work. I don’t think it’s worth it to toil on small needles with a nice pattern and have it not. show. up.

So really, not a failed swatch. A magnificiently successful swatch, because it told me this yarn color was not going to work.

What’s a girl to do? Nora Gaughan’s Starfish Shawl, of course. With a cast on of 730 stitches. It’s all downhill from here.

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Dishtowels from Hell, that is. $1500 dishtowels. Well, actually, since there are three on the loom, I guess they’re only $500 a pop.

400. Ends. Of sticky 8/2 cotton. Brilliant.


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