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Here’s a Treat

It’s Lilly! Looking almost like a Real Cat. Last night she had her head scratched for a chunk of time, and boy, does she shed. Pity she can’t be brushed. Ick.



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OHS Recovery.

Well, that was unpleasant. I really did try to not wait until the last minute, and yet, got to the 24-hour post office at 8:12pm. So, technically? Not the last minute. I win!

The write ups and stupid mounting took all day (All Day!) to do.

Here’s a peek, more on flickr:




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I am in Love.

Christmas Gift from the Parents:


Sweaterkits Handpainted Wild Silk.


Using the Kimono Shawl Pattern from Folk Shawls; one less repeat.

I should really bother to take decent pictures.

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Perfectly Symmetrical (Long Skinny Legs):


Still Life with Milk Ring:


Omar has become a Lazy Slut. There are three locales in which he can be petted: the couch; my chair; in bed. If you try to pet him, he bolts. But, if you hold out your hand, and let him initiate the petting, he’ll bonk your hand and then get petted. Treats are not always necessary, but are helpful. He seems to almost enjoy being scruffed, as long as he doesn’t get picked up.

Lilly, still rarely photographed, comes onto the chair with a lot of coaxing for a treat, and lately has been allowing her neck to be scritched for more than a split second.

Closeup from a Distance in the Kitty Tent:


Can you see? Can you see her Crazed Marty Feldman Kitty Eyes?

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