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Desert Island Books

1. The Once and Future King; T.H. White

2. A Short History of Nearly Everything; Bill Bryson

3. A Fine Balance; Rohinton Mistry

4. A Dirty Job; Christopher Moore

5. The Time Traveller’s Wife; Audrey Niffenegger

Subject to change at my will.

Ok, go.


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2200 Yards of Green Potential

A birthday gift last year, or maybe the year before. 10 skeins of Cascade 220 in the most lovely green heather. Destined for the “The Big Easy” Gansey, by Beth Brown-Reinsel.


Here’s hoping for continued project monogamy:


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SockPr0n blogged Dyeabolical Yarns a while ago, and I impulse bought.

4.5 ounces of superwash Blue-Faced Leicester; “Guillotine Sunset.”




Crimpy! So soft! So fluffy!

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Good grief.

Oh, I say. It’s a magazine about blogging.  Well, at least it’s about crafty blogs. But how post-moderne is that? A magazine about blogs. Whatever. And a deal, too! $14.99 (plus shipping). I thought, oh, it must be some wacky British Thing. But no. Southern California. Well, I’ve wasted enough of my life thinking about this. A magazine about blogs.

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Silent Poetry Thing, Year Two!

 Emily Dickinson #352

Perhaps I asked too large —
I take — no less than skies —
For Earths, grow thick as
Berries, in my native town —

My Basket holds — just — Firmaments —
Those — dangle easy — on my arm,
But smaller bundles — Cram.

Info here.

But I still love Daddy Fell into the Pond.

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Stormy Weather. Ish.

Just a beautiful quote from Ms. Yarn Harlot:

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.

-Hal Borland

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