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Giant woven scarfey wrappy thing!

giant purple

It’s really long. Maybe it will get a trim. I warped really long, using the length of my entrelac shawl as a guideline. Plus added for shrinkage and waste yarn. Maybe a bit too much. Heck, at least it’s elegant. And I’m tall. It still wants a washing.

Yummy Yarn Cake!


Merino/Tencel (my first tencel!) from Susan’s Spinning Bunny, color “Roses for You.” Going to be some Embossed Leaves socks from Interweave. Tried something very new and exciting: not only working cuff down, but did a picot cast on. Fiddly, but it works.

Washed and re-blocked the EZ Pi Shawl. Using blocking wires. Cat for scale. Not sale! Although …


Can we compare this to the first blocking? Because this time I blocked the heebie-jeebies out of it.


Must go pack now. Eak!


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Moving On

I just updated my resume. After more than ten years, I’m letting go of:

Master of Arts, English Literature: San Francisco State University, ABT June 1995.

Thesis: The Airplane as Image of Consolation in Staring at the Sun and Leaving Earth.

It would have been such a good thesis. Publishable, even, I had been told. But no. Never finished it. Wimp. And I’ve always kept it on my resume. At first, because I really intended to finish. And then, because of pride. I did all the coursework. In fact, I did all the coursework for an MA in Composition, as well, except for the culminating experience research course. So, I’m proud that I did all that coursework for two, count ’em, two Masters. But no. Couldn’t actually do the part that required the most discipline–the writing of the thesis. Oh well.

So, I kept it on the resume. To show the work I did. But I think it was overshadowed by the work that was not done. The degree was not  completed. (I even went through culmination ceremonies, I was so optimistic.) So on the resume, I think it shows inability to complete. Inability to stay committed. Inability to set goals and achieve them.


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Look at Me Go!

Weave baby, weave;

Weaving inferno!

Weave baby, weave;

Weave that mother down …


Purple Warp


Faux mohair-ey stuff and faux boucle stuff from Daft Dames in Akron, NY, who have no website, but have a gigantic room full of cones which look sort of eh, ok–bordering on ick–but when knitted or woven up go poof! and end up being sort of lovely. And it’s super cheap. Which means stash enhashment, even though one of the purposes of the Flip! was to reduce said stash. Ooops. I am nothing if not an addict.

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Eastern Great Lakes Fiber Conference, that is. Hosted by our guild, the Weavers’ Guild of Buffalo. A lovely three day retreat of sorts, with too many yummy classes to choose from. Ok, it was really easy to choose–I don’t weave. Correction. I didn’t weave. I am now a Weaving Fool. But more on that later.

So, easy to choose the classes. A two day class on Spinning Woolen n’ Worsted, by Patsy Sue Zawistoski. Patsy rocks. Perhaps later I will expound on why she rocks. Besides her being super nice, and super organized, and super knowledgeable.

Lollipop Guild

Look at the mountain of stuff! Look at all the fleece Patsy provided us to play with. Like, five different samples to mess with. Although, there wasn’t much messing, because it was so well organized and guided. Fancy cardstock cards for organizing a spinning sample. Imagine. Sampling your yarn! What a crazy idea! Spinning it woolen, and worsted, and a two / three / four ply, and actually counting the wraps per inch? What a concept!

Please note Patsy’s reflection in the mirror. At least I got one lousy picture of our rockin’ instructor.

And then a one day class on weaving–Weaving a Scarf in a Day, with Jane Patrick, from Schacht Spindle Company. Man, when they were introducing the instructors, and introduced Jane, a past editor of Handwoven, and married to the Schacht guy, and I’d be taking a class with her–I couldn’t believe it. I am still wowed and bowled over by the amazing class of instructors the Weaving Guild pulled in.

Of course, of course I had to buy my very own Flip! the folding rigid heddle loom. Even if I wasn’t completely taken with the whole weaving thing, it’s just so precious! And how cute is the name? Flip! It’s feature-full! I just love me a good play on words. Plus, Linda of Raveloe offered a sweet discount to the class participants.

Rigid Heddlers

My very own Flip! Let the new obsession begin!


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So, way, way back in 2005 I did the Charlotte’s Web Shawl from Koigu via Threadbear Fiber Arts. It came out smaller than expected; I still don’t know why. But I did do a craptastic job blocking it. First I sprayed it and pinned it out–it was lace! It’s delicate!

Old Charlotte

Sort of wonky. Then I was feeling it was less delicate, and I think it was Grumperina who inspired me–I ironed the darn thing. Of course, I was only motivated to iron half of it; so I did get some better drape. On half of it. Heck, let it just be a neck shawl wrap scarf thing.

I never bothered to try to re-block it–it’s lace! It’s delicate!–But somewhere along the line I got over all this delicate nonsense, and the Fleece Crew yelled at me to re-block it. And I did get those fancy blocking wires. So yesterday it took a total submersion dip; it also occurred to me that things that were worn in NYC probably should be cleansed–It’s a dirty, dirty place.


Stretched Charlotte

It’s definitely, um, better. Hooray lace blocking wires!

Charlotte Reblocked

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I know. I KNOW.

I’m getting to it.


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Can’t Blog … Must Weave …

No, really.

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