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They do flowers real good in the Big City. Here the sock poses with them. The yarn is opal. Purchased in New Zealand, because I had never seen it anywhere else.

And here is a view from the new apartment:


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Post a Day**: Starfish Shawl

LOVE IT. Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool is THE BEST.

Starfish Shawl

Pattern: Starfish Shawl from Knitting Nature by Nora Gaughan.

Needles: Knit Picks #6.

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool #22 Deep Purple. Seven skeins and a skootch of an eighth.

**Hey, I’m trying.

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Fitness? Or lack thereof, really. However, I have gained back the five pounds I lost somewhere. It took months. MONTHS to drop five, and they came back in about a week and a half. Kill me now. So today I practiced my tap dance because I really suck, and I’m the tallest in the class (natch), and this puts me smack in the middle where I can be seen, and it sucks to suck. Then I rowed a little bit. Just a little. Don’t want to overdue it.

And no junk today, because I’m having the blood draw tomorrow I was supposed to have oh, about eight months ago. One can only hope we’re not Type II Diabetes. Yet.

Ooh. I even just added a new category for all the blogging I’m going to do about my fitness regime**.

**What fitness regime?

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I bought two pounds of this glorious wool/mohair two years ago at Hemlock. I think it’s wool/mohair. I don’t even remember. Anyway, spun up a pound, navaho plied it, had bought two pounds to make a sweater, realized it wasn’t sweater material. So, Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl to the rescue. But, one pound of yarn wasn’t enough. I guess it will be a heavy shawl. So spun up some more. And here it is soaking. For some reason, yarn in a bowl of water photographs really nicely.

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I’m pretty sure the challenging part is getting this f-ing button onto the sidebar. And it’s so cute!

*By Mary Ellen, aka Mrs. Four Posts a Day.

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o BAT/KAT: One ride out of three, and we’re blaming the return of the Arctic Hellscape for that. It’s tricky to ride when you have to wear long underwear under your jeans and fleecy, and top it off with a shawl and down vest.  

o However, down here in the Big City, we walk or subway everywhere. Today we’re walking crosstown to see Chicago (oh, be still my gay man’s heart in a woman’s body). Then to RCS computer store to return an un-needed  cable, then hopefully to Kami Sushi, which we love almost as much as Dim Sum Go Go, which was yesterday’s culinary treat. 

o Knitting on some opal socks with some crazy rainbow colors, puchased in NZ. And jonesing for some Socks that Rock Fire on the Mountain, which would just be wrong at this point. Tempted to do the summer of socks, just because it’s such a cute button, but I do fear commitment, and there’s no way I’d do all socks all the time. Must knit silky wool …

o But, there is a contest for vacation photo of a sock, and I bet I could get some cute sock digi pics in the Big City. 

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