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Random Snaps

She’s always got to be in the middle of the action.


Miss Whiskers napping on not only a Baby Surprise Jacket in progress, but some Handmaiden Sea Silk as well. Isn’t she precious?

This isn’t a very good picture focus-wise, but I like it anyway. So there.



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I am pleased to announce that I am experiencing knitting monogamy. I am exclusively knitting on the Melody Sweater from WendyKnitsWendy Knits book:


I’ve been itching to knit up this bad boy since I got her book last year, but waiting for the perfect yarn. Thought I might do it in handspun, but wanted a cotton. And then Have Ewe Any Wool was having a bang out sale, so wa-lah. Was thinking more along the natural color lines, but this is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in “Robin’s Egg Blue”–(or is it Robin Egg’s Blue)–anyway, more pastelly than I’ve ever done before, but all my supporters insisted it’s the same color as the bandana I always wear, so; we can only hope for the best.

I’m also venturing into unchartered waters (get it? fishy cables? waters? I’m so funny) because my gauge was all whacked, so I’m doing some modifications. More stitches, working in the round, cabling without a cable needle. All so exciting.



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Up to …

Some spinning. This is actually merino for “myself”–meaning I hope to sell it either at a local store or at Knox Farm Fiber Festival coming up in September. I purposely bought fiber I didn’t really care for, so I could let go of it; and I’m not a huge fan of blueness, although lately it has been growing on me. Anyway, in the bag, this blue is very blah–almost grey-ish, with stripes of salmon and dark green. Really, not super attractive to me, which means the masses would probably adore it. But it’s spinning up into the most lovely heather, with almost a teal edge to it. Really quite pretty.

Blue Stuff

And some Crown Mountain. Again, I thought I was spinning as thin as I could, but when I wound off, I came up short. Super frustrating. And disappointing. And sucky, really. I just hate it when I don’t get the yardage I need. And since it’s for someone else, I think it’s even more critical to produce what is expected. Duh.

So I’ve retreated to the classic bobbin, which for me always feels more “organic” in some way compared to the woolee winder, which always feels more mechanical, almost industrial. Not unlike production spinning, which is just what it is. The classic bobbin feels more fragile, in some way (gee, maybe because it allows me to spin finer?), and is also so much more slower going. Like spinning in slow motion. I hope to transfer the feel of the fineness over to the WW.

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Llama Outfits

But is it animal abuse?

Check out the pink leggings:


I just adore the llama as Robin. Please note his face mask, masking his secret identity … as a llama.


And who doesn’t love a llama in formal wear?


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If You Recall

Last time we checked we had twenty six unfinished items lolling around. Let’s revisit that list, shall we?

So, twenty six items. Let’s add a 27th, which we forgot: super gigantic cardigan on size 13’s; a strand of cotton and silk garden held together. The silk garden came from Dolman Revisited, an Interweave design, which was just too damn small.

Have we actually finished anything of the now twenty seven? Ah, yes. The Baby Surprise Jacket. Hooray for me! Something finished. Back down to twenty six.

Have we frogged anything? I do find that if something sits long enough, the love fades away, and it’s so much easier to rip out. Why, yes! We ripped the Dogs Steal Yarn Baby Yoda Jacket. Why make something in pieces, when you can do an EZ in one brilliant piece? Plus, my needle choice was too small. So, twenty five! Yay!

Do we have any potential frogs? Because I think just the intent of frogging would mean we could take them off the list. Right?

  1. Manos del Uruguay Horizontal Tweed scarf–the pattern is just not working. I’m so glad I bought the pricey yarn I really didn’t need for a little project that isn’t working.

  2. Colinette Ab Fab Wrap in Wine color–Do I really need another wrap? I think the vest is much more attractive, and might actually be worn.
  3. Cotton Rib Sweater from Sally Melville Purl Style–It’s too small, too short, and would make a more lovely tank, I think. I really want to make several tanks (Soleil, from Knitty; a tank from Knitting Nature), but feel too fat to be making anything the least bit fitty.

So, twenty five, take away three, equals twenty two. Oh, the pile is shrinking even as we speak.

There are two socks I’m not thrilled with: Lorna’s Laces Gold Hill; it’s on zero. Why would I make a sock on a zero?; and the Schaeffer Bad Caul cabled sock. It’s waaaaaaaaaay too small. Who knew? Down to twenty.

Have we cast anything on in recent weeks? Moi? Maybe just one or two … or four … oops. And these also count as the “Actively Being Knitted Upon Category.”

  1. Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl; size 9; Handspun wool/mohair.

  2. Mystery Stole 3; size 4; Zephyr wool/silk.

  3. Wendy Knits Melody Sweater; size 6; Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.

  4. Trekking green stripey socks.

So, our total leaps up to twenty four. Which is still less than when we started at twenty six. So there.

Wait. There’s the new Noni Adventure Bag, which is felted, but needs to be zippered. Oh, screw it. It doesn’t count. It’s mostly done, right?

In conclusion, after crunching knitting numbers, there are now twenty three “active” items–active meaning gee, I’d love to finish those someday … and a bunch of single socks floating around.  Let’s not even talk about the spinning wheel. Bah.

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And We’re Back. Literally.

Holy cows. The whole New York thing is over. More on that later. And it’s August. How did that happen?

Still Mystery Stolling along, although interest is beginning to fade. Here’s a somewhat crappy snap of Clue 3, with a few rows of Clue 4:

MS Clue 3

I’m pretty happy with the pattern. I say again you can’t really go wrong with Melanie’s designs. I really like the flowery center bits, and love the beads, and wish there were more of them. I would like to put in more beads (shiney!), but since it’s a mystery, no idea how they would fit into the overall project. I’m going for the lengthening option, even though interest is waning … but looking forward to the big reveal in this week’s clue. The theme! The theme! What? It’s not Harry Potter? Or Satan? What a surprise.

I felted this bad boy last week, but am stalled at the zipper insertion part. Paralyzed with fear, is really more what you would call it.


I was super pleased that Joann’s not only had heavy duty zippers in stock, but heavy duty zippers in stock that were purple. I mean, really surprised they had anything that wasn’t black or white. I’m tempted to bust out the sewing machine, which has yet to be busted out since my super nice mom-in-law gave it to me. But the odds of a) remembering how to work the thing; and b) actually getting the zipper in anywhere near straight; are not good. Best to do it by hand, I think.

What else? Oh, here’s a partial sock in its natural habitat:

Central Park Sock

Central Park Ramble! The best place in the City! Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret.

You can’t see the heel, but it’s really cool–Wendy’s new toe up gusset heel. Genius!

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