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I am weak.

So, after making these solemn promises to myself, that this will be the summer of focusing on projects, to work on only Print o’ the Wave, and Creatures, and the cross-stitch, and focusing on a single mindless project, I caved to Mystery Stole 3. Hey. I already had the yarn. And the beads. So it almost doesn’t even count, right? It’s not like I bought the yarn for it, or anything. It’s like a totally free project. So it doesn’t count. And since the clues are doled out in manageable bits, I can Mystery Stole, then pick up one of the focused items. And there are beads! Yeah.

Clue 2

Clue 2

And then there is a bag. After the Creatures debacle, I felt it was time to felt something (get it? ha ha). Something that couldn’t be screwed up by gauge, or size, or whatever. So, the Noni Adventure Bag to the rescue. Cascade doubled. Size 11 needles. It’s the anti-lace.


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You know, I should really save up these posts for when I have nothing to say, but seeing’s as how I generally have nothing to say … Anyway, Ravelry has me all motivated to document some of this craftiness, so I finally snapped the Meadow Flowers shawl. From Knitter’s Stash. Started way back in ’05, so probably it’s my first lace project–and then it sat, because I was afraid of the knitted on border. I just didn’t know how much yarn it would take. And finally, earlier this year (hello, 2007), I said, screw it, and did a goofy crochet edging across the top (no doubt an Elizabeth Zimmerman idea), and blocked that puppy out, and wah-lah, Lace.



Pattern: Meadow Flowers Shawl from Knitter’s Stash

Yarn: Lorna‚Äôs Laces Helen’s Lace; Watercolor; 3/4 of a skein?

Needles: US #8 Bamboo

Yarn Source: The Wooly Lamb, East Aurora, NY

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One pound of mohair from 2006 MDS&W. It is supposed to be a super fine two-ply, about 1000 yards, destined to be Wing of the Moth. What it really is is more of a DK two-ply, so now is destined to be the Leaf Lace Shawl. Which is fine, since that is what it was destined to be in the first place. I just got distracted by the Moth.



And some unpleasantness, which reminds us why I’m having the cross-stitch resurgence …


It’s Creatures of the Reef! Can you tell? I thought not. Crap. Breaking the two cardinal lace-knitting rules (which I just made up): don’t use variegated yarn. If you think you should use a bigger needle (this is size 6), do so. Should have done at least a 7.


How about now? Can you see the Creatures now? I’ll give you a hint: crab and starfish, since my photo artwork is even crappier than my Creatures of the Reef. Extremely disappointed. All shawls should be worked top down, starting with barely any stitches. So you can tell before you invest months of your time that your work will be CRAP. Sadly, this Creatures starts with a cast-on of eleventy-billion. And it took this long (how long? I have no idea) to get one motif done. And my Creatures are Barely. Visible. Rats.

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Baby Surprise

We love baby sweaters. Why? Because they’re small. And then they’re done. Yay! I’d make more, but they wouldn’t be for me, and we all know, I’m a selfish knitter.

Baby Surprise

Look! The cutest buttons ever! Special bonus: propeller is a choking hazard. Hooray!


And presenting that which has never been seen in blogland: a baby wearing a Baby Surprise Jacket. Seriously. I freaked out about the neck opening being too small, and looked and looked for a pic of a baby in a surprise jacket, and could not find a single one. So … Head chopped to protect the innocent.

Baby Fashion

Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket from Knitter’s Almanac

Yarn: Gedifra Fashion Trend Stripe, a tad over two skeins

Needles: Knit Picks Options #7

Yarn Source: Seaport Yarn, NY, NY

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