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May 2009: Road Trip to Woodstock, CT.

In which I discovered that my Grandmother, the only grandparent I knew, had a little of the crafty going. Apparently I inherited my crazy-ass color sense from her. Or lack of.

I know! It hurts the eyes.

Promptly upon returning from said incident free road trip, in which there was lots of driving, which is why it was a road trip, my poor little car was creamed by a City of Buffalo garbage truck. While it was parked. Motherfuckers. God that was annoying.

And then there were …


And that just about killed June.

There seems to have been some intent to weave and knit:

Chubs relaxing on the Feather n’ Fan Comfort Shawl, of handspun wool/mohair, navajo plied. It’s in a bag somewhere. Languishing. Unfinished. It’s going to be a large and lovely shawl, but I hates me the feather and fan. And on the loom is some extremely crappy yet strangely attractive acrylic crap. Still awaiting a fringe.


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Huh. The Year in Review.

You know, it seems like I’m always working on something–knitting or cross stitch or something. But I cannot recall more than one or two items from the past year. Let’s review.

January/February 2009:
I guess I cast on for a modified Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls. Ah. Yes. Here it is. It remains about half-way finished. I’d like to get back to it.

And then there was ohs homework, dying and knitting a cowl, “in the woolen fashion.” Yeah. That took a chunk of time.

It looks like there was a basket making workshop, where we made a fabulous backpack basket. This I actually finished. Because it was in a class. So I finished it.

Looks like there’s a little sock on the needles hiding in the corner there.

Oh, and we went to see the Daily Show in New York for my birthday.

March/April 2009:

For my birthday I bought Kauni yarn and cast on for the Kauni Cardigan. As is my usual MO, I got to the point of splitting for the sleeves and became frozen with indecision–how long? How long should a cardigan be? It remains a sad, but colorful, sleeveless tube.

Really should get back to that one as well.

There was a Silk Fusion class at the Weavers’ Guild of Buffalo–this was supposed to be a journal cover. Or something. It could be chopped up into bookmarks. Not even sure where it is at this point …

There were more workshops: Kathryn Alexander and Robyn Spady. And some weaving:

There was a trip out West in March:

There was a trip to New York in April:

Uppper West Side. Where we found Ethiopian on Easter Sunday.

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… I can’t get up.

They say that if you go more than a month sans posting, your blog is over. We’ll see about that.

I could not find the #9’s, which I knew were attached to the Oceanic Shawl. Nor could I find the shawl. So I caved and ordered new #9’s (knit picks metal tips, I should say). Guess what? Found the shawl, and needles. Duh.

Started spinning for this um, three? Hemlock’s ago. Still have a bunch of fiber left. I really should just finish the darn thing. It’s heavy and should be very warm. An excellent Pacifica (house of the parents) accessory.

Oceanic Shawl

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I am in Love.

Christmas Gift from the Parents:


Sweaterkits Handpainted Wild Silk.


Using the Kimono Shawl Pattern from Folk Shawls; one less repeat.

I should really bother to take decent pictures.

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Feeling indecisive about what to work on. Obviously, woolen OHS homework is the answer. Immediate tasks include choosing and spinning a fleece for the “small project”–either one that I have already washed (very tempting), or a brown one that needs to be picked and washed and possibly dyed. Meh. I also have to practice just spinning, especially with the fool woolen technique. Meh. So not interested.

In the meantime, after thoughtful consultation from the crew, I ripped back the Big Tree on the Big Easy to the diamonds, so I can work two more diamond repeats before splitting for the sleeves. Good times.


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Now I ask you, Why would anyone knit a pair of socks? I am a sock tramp. Because after a trip to the Embraceable Ewe, I just had to start a new one. Oops! That green one has been single for over a year, and even went to New Zealand. World Traveler.

Single socks. Perhaps they should try internet dating? Funny every time.

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What Have *You* Crafted Lately?

Dad Socks. I’ve turned the heel three times. That’s enough.

Cables n’ Lace Cardigan: Done, and done. With buttons, even. Faux Buffalo Nickel buttons.

Drop Spindle. Plied, even. Merino from the Spunky Club; Tiny Spindle from Golding.

Wing o’ the Moth. Four rows a day is plenty.

Pictures? Maybe.

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