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Fleece Washage!

A block of approximately 4.5 pounds of amazingly clean 1/2 Finn 1/2 who knows what fleece from the Finger Lakes. We are not going to discuss what appears to be a break, well, let’s call it a weak spot in this gorgeousness.

It mostly needs to be washed to rid itself of those pesky cats:

If you inadvertently spin a cat into your yarn, it really makes quite the slub. Some people like the “novelty” aspect of cats in the yarn, but I find they can really gum up the spinning wheel.

It’s got a really nice staple, good crimp, and is so deliciously soft. It compares to a polwarth sample we received in class.

Will try to both comb and card, and see what shakes out. Intended project is the Poinsettia Cowl.


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Well, with only two short weeks until the OHS Deadline for the 11 mini skeins, it’s time to get to work. Yesterday was spent washing not all that much fleece, but it certainly did take a chunk of time. This time I went with cranking up the water heater and soaking in the kitchen sink, with almost boiling water thrown in for giggles. Three soaks with Trader Joe’s Lavendar scented dish soap, and two rinses. It seems to have worked pretty well.

Today was a foray into combing with super fancy Alvin Ramer Dutch Combs, which consist of a small, two-pitch hackle and a one-pitch  giant comb. This included dizzing off the fiber, for perfect, perfect combed fiber.

Two passes, ready to diz:

The finished nests, dizzed and ready for spinning:

Notice the washed lock for comparison.

And finally, a super treat for me, a package of Crown Mountain Farms Superwash Merino. Love, love, love, that the stamp reads: Certified Work of Art.¬† The colorway, “We are the Champions” feeding into my current Freddie Mercury obsession.

(Need I mention that is has been so very long since I blogged that this whole blogging thing seems completely unfamiliar?)

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There is No Spinning Mojo.

ETA: Found it! Stuck on the fast flier. Lucky. Found it after calling The Woolery, who didn’t have any, and calling Lendrum, from the phone number in the ad in Spin Off. Gord answers his own phone. Whatever.

ETA: Dude. I’m missing a part. Bother.

It has been so long that I don’t even know what my wheel is supposed to look like anymore.

Isn’t there supposed to be a plastic ring in there, that the flyer goes into?


A plastic ring not unlike this one (from the rear of the flyer)? So that it’s not metal spinning on wood, but metal spinning on plastic? And why don’t I know? And where the heck could it have gone? And where the heck am I supposed to get a new one?


Or maybe it’s just been so long that I just have no idea how this thing works anymore (can it make toast?), and it’s not missing anything at all. Except my spinning mojo.

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OHS Homework — Blending

In which we learn that brown + red does not equal gross.

The two colors, carded on a drum carder, then rolled off on a chopstick into small, tasteful rolags:

And after three passes through hand cards:

Really. Who knew that such an even blend could be achieved on hand cards? I had no idea. My only problem is that I do not care to spin rolags, because my joins always suck.

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I bought two pounds of this glorious wool/mohair two years ago at Hemlock. I think it’s wool/mohair. I don’t even remember. Anyway, spun up a pound, navaho plied it, had bought two pounds to make a sweater, realized it wasn’t sweater material. So, Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl to the rescue. But, one pound of yarn wasn’t enough. I guess it will be a heavy shawl. So spun up some more. And here it is soaking. For some reason, yarn in a bowl of water photographs really nicely.

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SockPr0n blogged Dyeabolical Yarns a while ago, and I impulse bought.

4.5 ounces of superwash Blue-Faced Leicester; “Guillotine Sunset.”




Crimpy! So soft! So fluffy!

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I actually managed a little spinning. For some reason I lost my spinning mojo at the end of the year. Burnout, maybe? Or just obsessed with new things? Looming looms, for instance?

Anyway, trying some small manageable fibery bits, such as this 3.5 ounce blue faced leicester (allegedly, but I’m not sure) from Maryland two years ago. I also bought two pounds of nasty, evil, but very pretty green/purple/pink border leicester. But knowing nothing at the time, didn’t realize its colory goodness wouldn’t make up for its scratchy scratchiness.



Spun into a three ply (my first!). You’ll have to wait for finished photo. It’s still drying. And what ever shall I do with it? It’s about 133 yards.

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