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Today my friend and I (my friend and me?) drove three hours and across two states to Trader Joe’s. Where I bought a boatload of stuff. Because I was stocking up. And when I checked out, my credit card was declined. Now, obviously, my card was not maxed out because while I buy too much yarn, I don’t buy *that* much yarn.

So the helpful TJ’s girl says, you can use our phone and call the cc company–maybe it’s because it’s such a huge amount–so I call them, and the automatic thing tells me there’s a suspicious charge at Trader Joe’s. So I speak to a person. Thanks to their GAYTARDED fraud protection bullshit, because I was in a different state–oooh! three hours away from my home!!!–and it was several hundred dollars, they flagged it as fraud and declined my card!

So then I had to answer eleventy-billion security questions, and explain where I was,  and when I was returning home (um, this afternoon, assholes?), and then they authorized the sale.

Beyond ridiculous. Tied up the cashier’s lane, tied up the phone–was really somewhat embarrassing to have the card declined. And cc company says, well, next time you go out of state, you should let us know if you’re going to use the card. What the fuck? It’s a fucking credit card!!! The purpose of which is to BUY shit. Asshats.


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