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Ho, hum. Another Vacation.

Next day we shot down to Daytona Beach for a much deserved vacation for the G-Man, and a not-in-the-least-deserved-vacation para moi. We had such a blast last year, after the Curious Don Quioxte Wedding, that we thought we’d try again. Flew to Orlando and rented a car to Daytona Beach. The only tricky part was that we went down earlier (Friday) than last year, so we overlapped with other vacationers, as opposed to having the whole darn town to ourselves. And there were all these goofy hot rods doing their goofy hot rod lack of muffler thing. At 0630. (Why, tell me why would you ever bring a nice, fancy, collectible car to the beach? Dude. Whatever.)

The very tiny rental car. Posted by Picasa

Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world! Dude! Hang! Ten! Posted by Picasa


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Thanksgiving in the Big City.

So to really mix things up, we did the Thanksgiving thing in the Big City, so as to catch the big parade show they always have. Of course it was a gynormous mob scene; the cool kids set up camp at the choice spots at 0700, which was certainly not our bag. They were calling for crap weather: rain/snow and big wind, but they called it wrong, and it ended up being a pretty pleasant day. So we parked ourselves at 39th and Broadway, on a side street, because, duh, you can’t cross the parade route. Ended up with a fine, but restricted view, and saw things as they appeared from behind giant New York buildings. So we never knew what was coming.

Tommy Tune made a special guest appearance, just for me, I think, on a float, since he just got a gig as Doctor Doolitlle, or some such, which caused him to cancel his performance in DC, which we had planned to catch. So that was a treat. Yup, gaydar still inop.

Tommy Tune! Tommy Tune! He is so waving right at me! Siiiiiiiiiiigh. I love him ever so. Posted by Picasa

It’s the giant Stay-Puft Super Grover! Posted by Picasa

Mmm. Sousaphones. Brings back memories of UCSB. Posted by Picasa

Oh, Oh! More Sousaphones! Hooray! Posted by Picasa

And Santa Clause goes whipping by. Dude. Must be on a tight schedule. Posted by Picasa

Look at us! Look at us! We’re almost in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Note the fine hand-crafted hat. Posted by Picasa

The very best view of the parade, I’d bet. I wish I had a helicopter. Posted by Picasa

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Charlotte’s Web

For a first lace project, it was ok. The dental floss lifelines saved me. I absolutely loved the colorways, from Matt at Threadbear, but I do wish the finished product had come out larger. My edges and bind-off were far too tight. It’s more a scarf than a shawl. And, she’s not even finished yet–still working on a crochet edging and possible fringe.

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I might have to make this.

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When the trees had leaves? Posted by Picasa

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No Joy.

Get a call from Johnny FAA Medical Examiner, down in Orchard Park–they’re SNOWED IN. My appointment is cancelled. For those keeping score, this is the second time, with a second examiner, I’ve been cancelled.

Up here in the big city (small caps), we got hmm, maybe 1/2 inch. But that is the joy and wonder of the “Lake Effect Machine”–you just don’t know where it’s going to dump.

No, I still don’ t believe it. How can they not be plowed out? It’s Buffalo. It’s the Southtowns, it’s Ski Country, for crying out loud. Beh.

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Snow … !

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Snow is always exciting and interesting, and fun to watch, because it’s just so different from anything I’d ever experienced, but it’s also the beginning of the long. day’s. journey. into. arctic. hellscape. Ayeeeeeeee.

But perhaps with snowshoes …

Wednesday, about 9pm. Posted by Picasa

The Flamingos are not sure how they feel about it, either. Posted by Picasa

But, if I can watch Jon Stewart while on the elliptical? Sweet! Perhaps the gym can be entertaining.

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