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Of Finished Objects Past

Don’t think I ever posted this bad boy complete. I really love it. In the summer, it’s a delightful wrap, for those chilly evenings out on the town. For the winter, it’s a monster scarf, super cozy, for those chilly days out on the Arctic Hellscape.



Pattern: Lady Eleanor’s Shawl, by *** from Scarf Style.

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, colorway #***. A little less than 10 skeins, no fringe.

Needles: US #9 Bryspun

Yarn Source: Raveloe Fibers


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Now *That’s* an Arctic Hellscape!**


**And I am a pink nightmare.

A glorious birthday at the Buffalo Marina. Somebody wanted to see the pack ice. The pink hood is a bit much for day to day wear. But visiting pack ice? With a windchill of a gajillion below zero? We love the giant pink hood!

Conservatory water, Central Park, NY. Bleak. But not crowded! Yay!


And for contrast? On the last NY trip we did the Museum of Natural History, and the Butterfly Conservatory. Which was crawling with nasty children, and their nasty parents. (Oh! Oh! Was it Thomas Hobbes who said, “Children are nasty, brutish, and short”? Or something like that …) Maybe not nasty, but poorly behaved. Anyway. Butterfly conservatories are toasty warm. And butteryfly-ey.


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This is What I Do

So finally, finally, the WooLee Winder and I have clicked and we now make oh, so happy yarn together. But what’s this?


What is this lopsided business? What the? The WW is supposed to allow for maximum bobbin package. This lopsidedness will not do. Nathan has suggested bending the eye of the winder a wee bit. We shall see. (Regardless, such excellent customer service!)

And some foresty greens and browns:

Look how thin those singles are! And yet, still fat. Well, maybe not *fat*, but still, could be thinner.

The thing I’ve enjoyed most about this whole spinning/knitting thing is how there is always a learning curve, and with every new projectundertaken, I can learn something new. Since I started spinning, last year, I have been ‘cursed’ with my
‘ability’ to do it fine–I really can’t do a thick yarn. And everyone says, “Oh, you spin so fine! blah, blah.” So I’m all cruising along, thinking I’m spinning oh, so fine, and surprise, I can go so much finer. Who knew?

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This is a pound:


This is a pound broken into little pieces. So as to achieve maximum stripeyness. I just like that word. Stripey. Stripeyness. Stripetastic. Stripey. Stripey. Stripey. Heh.

This is five pounds:

Kill me. Kill me now. But so pretty!

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Purple Fluffy Stuff

Four ounces, or so, of wool/mohair from Puckerbrush Farms, from mds&w, May 2006. Was hoping to ply, but only have 640 yards of singles. Would like to get a lace scarf out of it.



Yes, that is a glimpse of Satan’s WooLee Winder. Still trying to love it. But we made some angry yarn together … more on that … when I have the strength to think about it …

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Last Year

Did we ever talk about the October Storm? Do we really need to?


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Catching Up

Ok. Here is the delightful Maple Leaves Scarf crafted up for the Mother for Christmas.


My first genuine lace mohair knitting. I find mohair to be sticky. Knit in Buffalo, on airplanes, in New York. A good example of doing a bit a day, and starting early enough, and eventually it got done. The only real problem was when I had to rip out, and it got tangled (mohair, she doesn’t rip back so good), so I busted out the scissors (oh, foolish, impatient one), and CUT TOO FAR BACK. Mohair is even harder to rip out when it’s snipped into little pieces. Panic? Much? Because it was like, the day before Xmas? It got done. And it looks good. I hope the Mom enjoys it, and WEARS the damn thing. img_1562.jpg

Isn’t she cute?

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