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I Fear the Sewing.

Or maybe the Sewing fears me. In any event, in the snouting of the interwebs stumbled upon this darling and what appears to be a simple and easy tutorial for making a Tote Bag Out of Dishtowels.


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Inspired by Heidi and her one object in 30 days project, I was entrusted with the care of Becky’s Chick. We were off for some fun in the Big City!

Here we go!


At first we thought The Chick would have to fly steerage as we were too cheap (get it?) to pony up for a seat assignment.


However, we managed to get all strapped in before takeoff.


Reviewing the Safety Information Card because really, you never know when you might end up ditching in the Hudson.


What is Captain Sulley’s favorite drink?

Two shots of Grey Goose and a splash of water.

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