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I went to tap class tonight and realized I had not been outside in THREE DAYS. That’s just so wrong. I was completely unaware. I kept thinking about going outside, to shovel, or to snowshoe, or something, but never quite made it. I mean, even when it WARMED UP to 22, there was still a windchill of around 10. Plus, it seemed like it was snowing non-stop. I guess I was just surprised that I could be inside for three days and not know it.

However, I worked on:

cross stitch

wing o’ the moth


ripped out big easy.


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Feeling indecisive about what to work on. Obviously, woolen OHS homework is the answer. Immediate tasks include choosing and spinning a fleece for the “small project”–either one that I have already washed (very tempting), or a brown one that needs to be picked and washed and possibly dyed. Meh. I also have to practice just spinning, especially with the fool woolen technique. Meh. So not interested.

In the meantime, after thoughtful consultation from the crew, I ripped back the Big Tree on the Big Easy to the diamonds, so I can work two more diamond repeats before splitting for the sleeves. Good times.


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I did it! I really did it! And I didn’t screw it up, or dye the cat purple, or the kitchen, either. And it only took most of the day!

10-step color gradation:



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I’ve been in a cross mood lately. About half-way done. Got the kit (Eva Rosenstand) for xmas in 2001. Couldn’t say when I started it. Probably in 2001.


One year ago:


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There is No Spinning Mojo.

ETA: Found it! Stuck on the fast flier. Lucky. Found it after calling The Woolery, who didn’t have any, and calling Lendrum, from the phone number in the ad in Spin Off. Gord answers his own phone. Whatever.

ETA: Dude. I’m missing a part. Bother.

It has been so long that I don’t even know what my wheel is supposed to look like anymore.

Isn’t there supposed to be a plastic ring in there, that the flyer goes into?


A plastic ring not unlike this one (from the rear of the flyer)? So that it’s not metal spinning on wood, but metal spinning on plastic? And why don’t I know? And where the heck could it have gone? And where the heck am I supposed to get a new one?


Or maybe it’s just been so long that I just have no idea how this thing works anymore (can it make toast?), and it’s not missing anything at all. Except my spinning mojo.

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